About us

Mercy Refugees House was established in December of 2012 with a generous donation from individuals and foundations in the United States.  Since then, we have helped financially thousands of refugees.  We post our financial assistance on our website on a monthly basis and publish financial annual reports such as this one. We are authorized to send humanitarian help to anywhere in the world including countries sanctioned by the US government.

How Different We Are From  Other Non-Profit Organizations Helping Refugees?

1- We provide training online for refugees.
2- We have professional volunteers who help refugees one-on-one online to train them on the computer and other skills, preparing them for their future.
3- We are transparent in our work and income and expenditure; we post our financial assistance reports monthly online to make sure we help people with various backgrounds.
4- None of the officers in charge of the organizations are paid officers and we all work on a volunteer basis
5- We have zero administrative fees; 100% percent of the money donated goes directly to the refugees

Josef Namin, President