Helping earthquake victims in Kermanshah-Iran

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Helping earthquake victims in Kermanshah, Iran

A powerful magnitude 7.3 earthquake that has rocked the northern border region between Iran and Iraq, has killed more than 400 people and injured thousands more.

The death toll has raised to 407, and 6,700 people have been injured after the earthquake that hit the country’s western provinces at 9:20 PM local time on Sunday.

The hardest hit was in Kermanshah province where more than 236 people died in the town of Sarpol-e Zahab, about 10 miles from the Iraq border.

In Kermanshah’s Dalahu County, the local governor said that some villages had been completely destroyed.

Sarpol-e Zahab has only one hospital, which was demolished in this incident. All patients and hospital staff have been buried beneath the rubble, so it cannot offer any service.

There isn’t enough food or fuel to sustain lives. Children and the elderly are suffering and many families have not yet been sheltered.

Qasr-e-Shirin, another city in Kermanshah that serves as a gateway for transferring the goods between Iran and Iraq, was also hit badly. At least 28 people were reported dead.

Pictures shared over social media were taken from cities in Kermanshah showing collapsed buildings, apartments that lost their facades and cars smashed beneath the rubble.

We would be grateful if you would donate as little as $10 to help the survivors of the recent earthquake in Iran. Your support through is tax deductible. Thank you.

کمک به زلزله زدگان کرمانشاه- ایران

زمین لرزه‌ای به بزرگی ۷.۳ ریشتر استان کرمانشاه در ایران را لرزاند

جدیدترین آمار از تلفات این زلزله، شمار کشته شدگان را ۵۳۰  و تعداد زخمی ها را 7460 نفر گزارش کرده و گفته است که پزشکی قانونی تا کنون جواز دفن ۴۳۰ نفر را صادر کرد 

تعداد تلفات در سرپل ذهاب: ۳۱۶ نفر، اسلام‌آباد غرب: ۲۲ نفر، کرند: نفر ۱۴، قصر شیرین: ۲۸ نفر، جوانرود: ۳ نفر، ثلاث: ۱۵ نفر و کرمانشاه ۲۵ نفر ثبت شده است

بخش زیادی از خانه ها و ساختمانهای اداری و تجاری شهرهای استان فرو ریخت از جمله تنها بیمارستان شهر سرپل ذهاب

عمده آمار کشته ها به شهر سرپل ذهاب در ۱۵ کیلومتری مرز عراق در غرب ایران و بعد سایر بخش های استان کرمانشاه مربوط می شود

این مرگبارترین زلزله سال جاری جهان است

اگر مایل به کمک به آسیب دیدگان این حادثه هستید اینجا را کلیک کنید


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